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Sutton care services firm says Government £200m funding a ‘sticking plaster’ for problems

Boss calls for joined-up thinking to link health and social care sectors

A Sutton Coldfield-based care services firm has described a Government £200 million scheme to support short-term care placements as a ‘sticking plaster.’

Tinga Umera, director of Nexus Care Services, based at Mitre Court, Lichfield Road, also criticised the Government for announcing it as ‘new’ money, when in fact it has been diverted from existing healthcare budgets.

The funding, which was announced on January 30 by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Steve Barclay, will pay for short-term care placements and will fund maximum stays of up to four weeks per patient until the end of March.

The move is designed to free up hospital beds so that people can be admitted more quickly from A&E to wards.

Mr Umera said: “Once again, the Government has announced ‘new’ money which has come from existing healthcare budgets

“Instead of looking to construct a joined-up approach linking the health and social care sectors, as well as working with private-sector providers such as Nexus to ensure a joined-up approach, they have merely put a sticking plaster on the issue.”

Nexus Care Services advocates a person-centred approach in doing as much as possible to maintain the individual receiving care, remaining in their home, and receiving support and care there for as long as possible.

“All too often the overarching trend is to move people from their long-term home into a care or nursing home after they had a spell in hospital. In placing these people in short-term care for four weeks or so, the government are simply trying to find a quick fix to negative headlines, rather than doing what is best for older people needing care,” Mr Umera added.

Nexus Care Services provide visited and live-in care across Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Lichfield & Cannock and Burntwood and further into Staffordshire.

For more information on Nexus Care please visit; or call us on 0121 308 2906.

Sutton bumper festive success bodes well for new year

The Grinch, Santa and Gingerbread men at the three-day event

Thousands flock to series of events

Business leaders in Sutton Coldfield are confident of a more prosperous 2023, after a series of Christmas events drew in thousands of visitors to the town centre.

The six weekends of events, culminating in a three-day celebration just before Christmas had the tills ringing in town shops.

Now Sutton Coldfield Business Improvement District (BID), which organised the activities, is pledging to carry on next year, with even more eye-grabbing attractions lined up to bring people together in the heart of the town.

The extended Christmas activities were part of the new Visit Royal Sutton Coldfield programme of year-round events which aims to encourage more people to choose the town centre as a destination to spend time, eat, drink, shop and relax.

Bid Manager Michelle Baker said: “We are so pleased with how local residents have reacted to the six weekends of Christmas events we organised – they have shown real support for their town centre.

“So many businesses tell us that they have seen significant increase in footfall on the days when we have had attractions, whether it’s the Grinch, the Gingerbreads or the giant snow globe.

“We’re aiming to make Sutton Coldfield town centre a big attraction all-year-round, and since summer we have made real progress by organising a monthly Famers’ Market and big events like the visit of Chomp the T-Rex to Sutton.

“But Christmas was always going to be a great opportunity to really bring people in, which is why we opted to do six weeks of events instead of one Christmas lights switch on.

“All of these events are paid for by the businesses of the town centre – they are investing in themselves and Sutton’s future – and we’re incredibly grateful for the way that Suttonians have backed our ambition.

“This is their town centre, and they have come along, week after week, to support local businesses.”

Christmas activities included an amazing life-size snow globe in the town centre, which shoppers could step inside for a free Christmas photograph.

And Christmas characters roamed among shoppers, including giant Christmas Penguins, life-size Gingerbread Men, an amazing polar bear, Father Christmas and The Grinch.

Michelle said: “We’re very excited about next year – the Farmers Market has been very popular and will continue, but we’re also putting in place more events at weekends.

“We’re looking at things like a car show on the Parade, more characters to excite children, a climbing wall and we’re working on ideas to help the Royal Town celebrate the coronation of King Charles III too.

“There’s a real buzz around Sutton town centre now, and there is so much to look forward to in 2023.”

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust appoints new Grants Manager 

Claire Haines is the trust’s new grants manager

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, the charity which strives to enhance the quality of life for residents of Sutton Coldfield, has recently appointed a new Grants Manager, Clare Haines, to take over from David Cole, who is retiring after almost five years of valuable service.

The appointment will see the Trust, which has a heritage of almost 500 years, continue to manage a range of grant programmes to benefit the area and its residents. This year, the Trust has awarded over £1,000,000 to local beneficiaries around Sutton Coldfield, highlighting the key role the Grants Manager plays in facilitating applications and the distribution of funds. 

Clare Haines boasts more than 13 years’ experience in the grants and funding sector, which spans from working with national organisations such as the National Lottery Heritage Fund to more locally as a Community Development Officer supporting local neighbourhoods, as well as working as a Trustee for Middleton Hall and Garden grounds.

Clare’s role within the Trust will see her predominantly focusing on assessing grant applications as well as preparing grant papers for consideration at the Trust’s Grant Committee meetings. The role will also see her working with local groups and organisations to both establish and maintain relationships with potential and existing grant recipients. Clare will be working closely with statutory and voluntary organisations and monitoring the impact that the grants have made on these organisations.

Clare said: “Having previously worked on the assessment side of the application and project process as a Grants Officer and then also on the project delivery side as a Project Officer, I feel I can bring a 360° viewpoint to the grant lifecycle process, with a solid understanding of the needs and requirements of the funder but also of the grant recipient, who has the task of delivering the outputs and achieving the outcomes.”

“I also hope to bring a good level of understanding on the challenges facing the sector and the relevant support required, thanks to my experience supporting a range of voluntary and community organisations.”

“I’m looking forward to working with and supporting groups and organisations that have the potential to make a positive impact in the local community, as well as developing relationships with potential recipients to understand their challenges and supporting their aims and vision where possible.”

Tina Swani, Chief Executive of Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, said: “The Trust’s vision is to enhance the quality of life for all in Sutton Coldfield and our Grants Manager is instrumental in helping us to achieve this. We’re delighted to welcome Clare to the team and are sure she will take to the role brilliantly given her extensive experience and obvious passion for this vital work.”

To find out more about Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, please visit:

Santa’s in town for another festive weekend

Thousands of shoppers got into the festive spirit as Sutton Coldfield Town Centre welcomed colourful Christmas characters, merry music and even enjoyed a visit from Santa himself.

Father Christmas, helped by his friend Candy Cane, flew into the town centre on Saturday, December 3 for the third weekend of festive fun organised by Sutton Coldfield Business Improvement District (BID).

And that wasn’t the only festive treat on offer, with charity carol singers, a fun disco for youngsters, two cute Christmas Elves greeting shoppers and hilarious roller-skating Christmas presents providing entertainment.

Bid Manager Michelle Baker said:

“It was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in the town centre on Saturday, because everywhere you looked there was something festive going on.

“Santa and his friend Candy Cane were meeting youngsters in Coffee#1, the animated Elves were mixing with shoppers and the roller-skating Christmas Presents certainly caught the eye.

“There was also a craft market along the Parade and a brilliant Santa’s Disco for youngsters in the Gracechurch.

“We’re working hard to create an extra festive feel in the town centre this year, to drive footfall and get people to come along and support local businesses.

“We’ve been very happy with the results so far, and there is plenty more to come. Watch out – the Grinch is coming back this weekend!”

Elsewhere in the town centre, fundraisers from a charity for the homeless were singing carols to raise cash, while students from Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School were collecting items for their annual Giving Tree appeal.

Even Sutton police got in on the act, giving out advice on how to have a safe and secure festive season.

The extended Christmas activities are part of the new Visit Royal Sutton Coldfield programme of year-round events which aims to encourage more people to choose the town centre as a destination to spend time, eat, drink, shop and relax.

Other Christmas activities include an amazing life-size snow globe in the town centre over a three-day period, which shoppers can step inside for a free Christmas photograph.

Bid Manager Michelle Baker added:

“We want to make Sutton town centre a real attraction, with regular events to bring people in, not just at Christmas but all year round.”


9th Dec            Giant snow globe, the Grinch, amazing animatronic Polar Bear

10th Dec         Giant snow globe, meet Santa and the Grinch, the Gingerbreads

11th Dec         Giant snow globe, the Grinch

11th Dec         Breakfast with Santa – Bottle of Sack (8:30am-10:30am)

17th Dec         See Santa, meet the Grinch and the Gingerbreads

P-P-P Penguins on parade

Flipping marvellous Christmas event

Flippered friends – helped by their Elf keeper – spread festive fun as they charmed children and posed for pictures with shoppers Sutton Coldfield Town centre

The giant penguins on parade took part in the first of six special Christmas weekends waddled down the Parade.

The visit was the first of an extended series of Christmas activities which form part of the new Visit Royal Sutton Coldfield programme of year-round events, which aims to encourage more people to choose the town centre as a destination to spend time, eat, drink, shop and relax.

Bid Manager Michelle Baker said: “The Penguins were very funny, and the children absolutely loved them.

“They were the perfect way to start off our Christmas plans for the town centre – and there’s lots more to come.

“Next up is our Christmas Farmers Market next Sunday, from 10am until 2pm, but watch out because the Grinch will be coming along too!”

In recent months events organised under the vibrant new Visit Royal Sutton Coldfield brand – including a visit by a giant T Rex and a popular new Farmer’s Market – have seen thousands of extra people flood into the town centre.

The BID has also announced that it will be funding four ‘Guardians’ to patrol the town centre during the festive period, to watch out for anti-social behaviour and keep revellers safe and secure.


27th Nov         Christmas Farmers Market (45 stalls), the Grinch, free facepainting, Christmas crafts

3rd Dec           Meet Santa, Roller Skating Christmas Presents and the animated elves

9th Dec            Giant snow globe, the Grinch, amazing animatronic Polar Bear

10th Dec         Giant snow globe, meet Santa and the Grinch, the Gingerbreads

11th Dec         Giant snow globe, the Grinch

11th Dec         Breakfast with Santa – Bottle of Sack (8:30am-10:30am)

17th Dec         See Santa, meet the Grinch and the Gingerbreads

Charity marks name change


Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust awards grants to local organisations and individuals to alleviate hardship and has recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its name change from ‘Sutton Coldfield Municipal Charities’ to ‘Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust’.

The name change appropriately reflected the purpose of the organisation within the town, as an independent charity.
This anniversary represents a key milestone for the Trust and has allowed the opportunity for the organisation to reflect on some significant achievements over the past decade, including awarding £11.8 million in grants, 971 grant applications from individuals and organisations and 3,100 applications for school clothing grants.

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust’s grants have supported key projects that include schools, community organisations, sports clubs and faiths. Some of the organisations that the Trust has funded over the past
decade include, ‘Home Start’, ‘Stepping Stones’, ‘Spitfire Advice and Support Services’ and ‘Speight of the Arts’.

Ray Goodwin, Chief Executive at Spitfire Advice and Support Services, commented: “The Trust has previously financially supported our ‘Money and Advice Service Centre’, and the continuation of this grant allowed us to implement this service to the local community as a long-term programme. With a total grant of £34,000, we have been able to provide free and confidential advice to over 174 disadvantaged families to help them achieve their full potential.”

Since the Trust’s Almshouses were built in the 1800s, the Trust has prioritised maintaining the current forty-six properties to the highest standard; over the past decade, the charitable trust spent over £1m on refurbishing the properties which continue to be maintained and improved to a high standard.

Tina Swani

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust continues to support individuals and organisations in the local area to enhance the quality of life for all in the Royal Town. This is vital during the current cost-of-living crisis. Today,
the Trust’s assets include 1,000 acres of land, many commercial properties and financial investments, which
provide an income to help alleviate hardship for those in the borough of Sutton Coldfield.

Richard Beard, Chief Executive at The Jericho Foundation, added: “Being granted two special awards by the Trust has been significant to the development of our modern apprenticeship scheme. The grants have allowed us to support over 64 young individuals in kick-starting their career.”

Tina Swani, Chief Executive at Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, said: “We are delighted to announce the 10- year anniversary of the Trust’s name change and to be able to reflect on some of the many significant grants that we have awarded to organisations and individuals over the past decade.

“We hope that over the next decade, Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust’s grants will continue to create a positive impact and help to alleviate hardship for those in the local area, particularly during the current cost of living crisis.”

10 years of giving

2012 – The name of the Trust was changed to ‘Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust’

2014 – A Special Award of £670,000 was made to the Sutton Coldfield YMCA by the Trust.

2016 – Nearly £1.2m in grants plus a Special Award of £200,000 was made to the Good Hope Hospital.

2018 – A total of £1.36m was made in grants, including a Special Award of £297,252 to the Jericho Foundation.

2020 – Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trust awarded over £1.2m in grants and made another award to the Jericho Foundation, totalling to a £339,636 grant over three years.

2021 – The Trust celebrated the 75-year anniversary of the Almshouse Association and helped 737 children with uniform grants throughout the year.

Curtain up on Sutton cinema again

The curtain is set to rise again at an iconic Sutton Coldfield cinema. The Empire has been closed two years will soon reopen according to town MP Andrew Mitchell.

Situated on the corner of Maney Corner the Grade II listed building brought the curtain down for the last time during the Covid lockdown in November 2020. 

Since then the cinema revealed plans to sell off its car park to retirement home developers, McCarthy & Stone, which was given the go-ahead by Birmingham City Council ’s planning committee in September. The deal included a £200,000 payment from the developers to help with upgrading the cinema. 

Mr Mitchelll is reported to have spoken to Empire Cinema chief Justin Ribbons who has confirmed the cinema will open ‘early in the new year’. Mr Mitchell said the proposed re-opening date could be as soon as January.

Mr Mitchell in his weekly newsletter said: “Great news on our Royal Town cinema. I have spoken today with the chief executive of our cinema, Justin Ribbons, who has now confirmed that a refurbished and enhanced cinema is scheduled to reopen ‘early in the new year’.

“The cinema will be undergoing significant upgrades with brand new seating, carpets and internal repainting. This is very good news and I have accepted an invitation to perform the reopening ceremony!

“There has been widespread and serious support throughout the Royal Town to have our cinema reinstated. I’d like to thank all those who have campaigned and supported the reopening and enhancing of this priceless local asset – our cinema.”

Hospice gift card scheme launched

Emily Rich, Charity Shop Influencer, @found_it_at_the_charity_shop and Matthew Chapman, the St Giles Hospice Lichfield Furniture Shop Assistant Manager

21 St Giles shops to accept card

St Giles Hospice is excited to have signed up to the first multi-retailer gift card that can be used exclusively in its shops including those in Sutton Coldfield and others across the city, county and wider country.

The Charity Shop Gift Card will be sold and accepted in all 21 St Giles Hospice shops, including its furniture and book stores, to help raise funds to make a difference to local people, and their families, living with a terminal illness. The gift card scheme has been developed in partnership with the Charity Retail Association (CRA) and supports the growing second-hand revolution, helping to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The CRA estimates that charities divert 339,000 tonnes of textiles away from landfill every year which saves councils £31million in annual waste disposal charges.

Emma Yates, Head of Retail at St Giles Hospice, said: “We’re delighted to be joining the Charity Shop Gift Card scheme. We’ve joined just in time for Christmas, offering our shoppers a sustainable option when buying presents and the chance to donate money to good causes.

“The gift card is such an exciting way to introduce more people to our 21 charity shops across the region and show them the great range of clothes, furniture and other hidden gems that we sell.”

Lee Fellows, Managing Director of The Charity Shop Gift Card said: “We’re thrilled to have St Giles Hospice join the scheme. There are now over 100 charity shops across the Midlands that accept the gift card providing a huge choice for people looking to shop sustainably whist helping a great cause.”

The cards themselves are recyclable and compostable and are also available to purchase online at . Find your nearest St Giles Hospice shop here:


Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin

Volvo XC40 Recharge

By Bill McCarthy

Volvo has gone the Full Monty with electric with their small XC40 leading the charge, if you pardon the pun. The firm has confirmed it will be an electric-only car manufacturer by 2030 and will roll out several additional electric models in the coming years.

The stylish Recharge is their first 100 per cent electric SUV, offering the usual Volvo refinement, and depending on the model, a claimed range of 261 miles.

They are not cheap, this range starts at £45,750, but Volvo is a premium brand and you do get plenty for your money.

It is a stylish SUV looking very much like non-electric versions, with smart light clusters to front and rear and a choice of striking alloy wheels. It has a sleeker look and the front lights feature the now familiar ‘Thor’s Hammer’ design. It also features a discrete rear spoiler.

Like other electric vehicles, the grille has been blanked out, rendering the car less attractive as a result.

The interior is real premium quality and dominated by the nine-inch tablet style touchscreen and a 12-inch TFT display behind the smart multi-function steering wheel.

The central screen controls major functions and now features Google Maps, navigation, infotainment and smartphone connectivity. There are also a number of apps available.

It has a real high-end feel with leather style micro tech powered seats, soft touch finish and a minimalist approach to buttons and and dials.

All models  are well equipped, and  standard kit includes two-zone climate control, cruise control, rear parking sensors, electric windows and door mirrors and host of other goodies.

This model  adds 20-inch alloys, Sensus Connect with Premium Sound by Harman Kardon with Dolby Pro Logic II Surround Sound, powered boot, power-adjustable and heated front seats, adaptive cruise control, a panoramic sunroof and a 360-degree parking camera.

Like most electric cars, acceleration is instant and the 231bhp on tap from the electric motor powers the car to 60mph in seven seconds. Pretty much hot hatch territory.

A fairly lengthy road trip put the claimed 256 mile range to the test, as well as recharging availability on the UK roads.

Hook up though, and it can be charged from 10 to 80 per cent capacity in around half an hour using a 150kW fast charger, if you can find one, otherwise a full hit using the 11kW onboard charger will take eight hours

Despite being an SUV, it sits fairly low to the ground and feels stable, cornering well and good feedback from the well weighted steering.

In practical terms it has plenty to offer with the rear seats folding and tumbling to provide maximum stowage space of 1,295 litres. There is even 21 litres of extra  space at the front beneath the bonnet lid, where the combustion engine would have been. 

Safety kit is comprehensive, with City Safety which includes pedestrian, cyclist and large animal detection, and front collision warning with fully automatic emergency braking, including at junctions,.

There is also a host of other technologies, like autonomous emergency braking, pedestrian, animal and cyclist detection and front collision warning are included on this model.

Also standard are full set of airbags and lane mitigation, which steers you back into the correct lane if drifting.


Volvo XC40 Recharge Pro

Price: £51,750

Mechanical: 231bhp, electric motor driving with 69 kWh battery driving front wheels via automatic gearbox

Max speed: 99mph

0-62mph: 7 seconds

Range : 262 miles

CO2 emissions: 0g/km

Warranty: 3yrs/60,000 miles

Mubu Music back in town

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust back ‘Live in the Lodge’ event

A programme which provides free music tuition for youngsters with its ‘Live in the Lodge’ initiative has received a major cash boost from a Sutton Charity.

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, the organisation that awards grants to local groups and charities to alleviate hardship and support other needs in the community, has provided Mubu Music with a grant of £32,000 over two years to help fund their community investment project ‘Live in the Lodge’.

SCCT first granted an award to Mubu in November 2019, although prior to this the Live in the Lodge project was run by Birmingham Town Hall Symphony Hall (THSH) their first grant being in February 2016.

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust has funded Mubu Music over the course of five years, helping to enhance the lives of people living in and around Falcon Lodge.

Mubu Music recognises that playing and learning music is such a valuable and important tool in helping to improve social cohesion, community and mental health.

The provision of free music tuition means that this is more accessible to Falcon Lodge’s local community.

The Trust’s grant has allowed for the programme ‘Live in the Lodge’ to be created to provide free music lessons across instruments such as piano, guitar, drums and ukulele for ages as young as five years old, all the way up to individuals in their mid-80s. In addition to this, ‘Live in the Lodge’ has been able to create a community choir and host high-quality music performances across the local area.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the not-for-profit organisation was unable to provide its music services in person. Following this, the Trust’s grant has allowed Mubu Music to help bring people together again through music and raising the aspirations of those living in the area of Falcon Lodge.

Sam Slater, founder of Mubu Music said: “The support of the Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust has allowed ‘Live in the Lodge’ to keep running for the community throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In addition to this, the Trust and funding has also played a huge part in helping the programme to start, grow and develop into a really valuable social and musical intergenerational programme all year round. The programme has helped to create so many positive health, social and education benefits for everyone in and around Falcon Lodge.”

David Cole, Grants Manager at Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, said: “Mubu Music’s grant exemplifies what the Trust is all about in helping to improve the lives of those in Sutton Coldfield, through creating positive change through projects such as ‘Live in the Lodge’.

“This project is a perfect example of how we are always looking for exciting organisations to gift grants to that give back to the community of Sutton Coldfield.”

For further information about Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust or media enquiries, please contact Emily Burnett or Antonia Hall