Enjoy life off the beaten track in Crete

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Trekking through the beautiful Cretan countryside, with spectacular mountain scenery in the background

A specialist tour operator is one of the leading companies for tailor-made holidays to Cyprus and Greece and offers a comprehensive list of locations, including the beautiful, most southernmost Greek island of Crete.

To help make a choice of the starting and finishing in places off the beaten track, Planet Holidays.co.uk, in association with tourist board incrediblecrete.gr, is offering to help you plan a tailor-made escape here for 2021, hopefully at the end of the coronavirus crisis.

The tourist board says for those who “wish they lived in Crete”, we tell them: “Visit Crete and let us make your vacations a life-time experience”

The board adds: “The cradle of European Civilization – the Island of Crete and its genuinely friendly people, welcome you and wish you a wonderful stay,

“Some will be visiting for the first time, whilst others have now become regulars, but either way, we promise you a truly memorable Mediterranean travelling experience.

“Whether your visit is for relaxation or to explore and discover the many well known and countless hidden treasures of Crete, you will not be disappointed by the diversity of the landscape – the rugged mountains, the endless beaches and the turquoise seas, the many cities, towns and villages, and stunning countryside.”

Tour operator Planet Holidays offers a wide range of luxury villas, hotels, self catering studios and apartments, villas with pools, last minute hotel deals, all inclusive and spa hotels and we can also include private resort transfers. So whether you want a last minute escape to warmer climes or to book something that is as individual as you are, then call Planet Holidays for a chat on 01438 841 270.

Both Directors, Harry & Mathilde have decades of experience and with the ‘local’ knowledge of their representatives on Crete, means you’ll receive the best advice and best recommendations for a memorable holiday.

The firm says: “With internet connections being as good as those back here in UK, you could be forgiven for being sustainable in your travels during Covid times and opt to stay in Crete that little bit longer, as you continue to work from your ‘home from home’ and soak up local culture too.So whether you want a last minute weekend break or a cheap travel deal, book with planet-holidays.co.uk”

Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the 88th largest island in the world and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus and Corsica. It bounds the southern border of the Aegean sea. Crete lies approximately 160 km (99 mi) south of the Greek mainland.

Its capital and largest city is Heraklion, located on the north shore of the island. As of 2011, the region had a population of 623,065. The Dodecanese are located to the northeast of Crete, while the Cyclades are situated to the north, separated by the Sea of Crete. The Peloponnese is to the region’s northwest.

Humans have inhabited the island since at least 130,000 years ago, during the Paleolithic age. Crete was the centre of Europe’s first advanced civilization, the Minoans, from 2700 to 1420 BC. The Minoan civilization was overrun by the Mycenaean civilization from mainland Greece.

Crete was later ruled by Rome, then successively by the Byzantine Empire, Andalusian Arabs, the Venetian Republic, and the Ottoman Empire. In 1898 Crete, whose people had for some time wanted to join the Greek state, achieved independence from the Ottomans, formally becoming the Cretan State. Crete became part of Greece in December 1913.

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