Opinion – Sutton Park lockdown lunacy

This was the scene at the Bracebridge in Sutton Park today. Scores of people queuing at the takeaway, lemming-like, or standing at tables near the pub.

There’s little or no social distancing in a 60 year queue, little evidence of face coverings and everyone appearing to treat it just like another normal Sunday.

This, less than 24 hours after after the latest restrictions were announced, as the virus is rampaging through the south of England and probably on its way to the Midlands before long.

The death toll is now approaching 70,000, more depending on which figures you look at, with hospital intensive care units near capacity and people just don’t seem to care.

It does not bode well for Christmas, whatever the law says, if people are just prepared to flout the rules, and yes, put others in danger.

Time to think of others.

Bill McCarthy

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