Sutton ‘bomb site’ gets bigger

Uncertainty still surrounds the new huge telephone mast site in Four Oaks, where a failure to remove the previous mast and its associated boxes and cabinets have left it looking like a bomb site according to residents.

The anger has been compounded with the appearance of new telecoms equipment just yards down the Walsall Road.

Despite an enforcement order for the removal of old boxes, nothing appears to have happened, despite work going on at the site in recent weeks.

Four Oaks ward councillor Maureen Cornish last month said: “The enforcement order for the removal of excess (previous old boxes) is active and managing agents have agreed to remove them. Covid restrictions create delay, we need to have patience with this frustrating situation”.

The towering EE mast near The Crown pub, has recently been completed after the firm’s successful appeal against an initial planning refusal, much to the annoyance of many neighbours, who are angry at the ‘mess’ left after the previous mast was not removed.

Councillor Cornish had previously described it as a ‘frustrating situation.’

The work was completed during October, and will provide the latest 5G communications across the area, with the 50ft.

Councillor Cornish

The new mast was initially refused planning permission by Birmingham City Council but an appeal was upheld by an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Local resident Patrick James, from Four Oaks Common Road, described the scene as an unsightly mess.

He said: We all understand the need for better communication, but the area has been left in a right state, a bit of a bomb site really, not to mention the disruption while the work was carried out. And now we have new cabinets appear and no remedial work is taking place.”

 Councillor Cornish, Shadow Cabinet Member for Education Skills and Culture at Birmingham City Council, had previously launched an enforcement complaint over the what has been left at the site.

She said at the time: “The Telecommunication installation at the Crown Pub has and still is a frustrating situation. Residents do not object to providing 5G but the number of boxes  and the disgraceful appearance is unacceptable.”

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