Caravans invade Sutton Park

Visitors shocked as travellers set up camp

Revellers looking to enjoy the early summer sunshine in Sutton Park were left puzzled when they arrived to see around a dozen traveller caravans parked near the Town Gate.

The travellers are thought to have arrived at the 2,400 acre beauty spot on Tuesday night (June 8) and appear to have gained access to the green space next to the children’s playground and rangers’ hut through a broken fence.

Rows of vehicles, thought to belong to the travellers were parked alongside the fence.

Claire McFarland, from Mere Green, was visiting with her two children. She said she was shocked to see the travellers.

Whether they broke or removed the fence is unclear.

“It’s not a pretty sight,” she said. “But the kids were fascinated by the caravans.”

Park ranger Matthew Barker posting on Facebook said: “I’ve spoken with the police and reminded them that accessing SSSI land without consent is potentially a criminal offence rather than the usual civil matter within normal parks.”

A spokesperson for Birmingham City Council said: “The council is committed to actively protecting its land and will take steps to recover this land where illegal encampments encroach upon it.”

It is not know whether they are the same group of travellers who were recently camped on the field at Coleshill Nurseries Sports Ground.

That site is near the tip at Norris Way and near the Porsche garage

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