Council praised for safety work on rape attack scene

Police hunting the rapist who attacked a woman at a Sutton Coldfield park have thanked the council for safety work in the area.

Officers say the work Birmingham City Council has undertaken in the area has helped make people using Princess Alice Park in Sutton Coldfield, feel a bit safer.
Park staff were out last week tidying up and cutting back overgrowth. People had told police they were scared that someone could be hiding in the bushes following the rape that happened at the start of the month.

West Midlands Police officers say the are working to find the attacker and have had lots of information from people in the area that detectives are still assessing and developing.

They say they have been inundated with messages of support for the woman too and want to say a massive thank you to the Banners Gate Rovers Street Watch volunteers who been carrying out their patrols in the park.

The kind residents usually cover where they live, but they offered to help out in the park too.

A spokesperson said: “They knew that they could make people feel safer and that they could help our investigation by reporting suspicious activity. Let us know if you want to join them so we can get you the training and uniform you need.
“So far we’ve reviewed 792 hours of CCTV but it’s still not too late to tell us what you know or to share CCTV, dashcam or doorbell footage of the rapist. You can do that here now:”

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