Trick or treat safely in Sutton Coldfield say police

Halloween is creeping closer and many of you will be eager to make up for missing out on celebrating last year during lockdown.

Residents in Sutton Coldfield are reminded by police that if you are planning to go out trick or treating with your children, we hope that you will have fun while being considerate of your neighbours.  Please don’t be too rowdy and don’t leave too much of a mess for other people to have to clean up.

Homes with Halloween decorations on display are best for you to call at, as they are most likely to be entering into the spirit of the occasion. 
Some people may feel vulnerable about opening their doors after dark, so if they don’t have any decorations, please take it as a sign your visit might be too frightening for them and leave them undisturbed.

No trick-or-treaters

Are you worried about people knocking your door? Download our trick or treat card to let people know you don’t want any unknown visitors. You can print them out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours if you know they’re worried about unknown callers too.
Remember, don’t call at homes with the ‘no trick or treat’ sign up.

Dealing with anti-social behaviour

In the days between Halloween and Bonfire Night, we sometimes see an increase in anti-social behaviour. This is something we anticipate and we put additional measures in place at this time of year.
You can support us in dealing with anti-social behaviour by:
• Reporting anti-social behaviour on our website via live chat between 8am-midnight
• Keeping a diary of incidents of anti-social behaviour.  This gives us a history of events and can be used as part of the evidence gathering process
Even small amounts of information can help us identify common issues, hotspot locations, repeat offenders and patterns of behaviour.
We also work closely with partner agencies, such as local councils, housing providers and schools, to tackle issues jointly, giving us greater powers to improve people’s lives.
Visit our website for crime prevention advice and safety tips.

To report a crime or incident, please contact us via Live Chat on our website between 8am – midnight or call 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency.

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