Sutton residents warned on vehicle crime

Residents in Sutton Coldfield have been reminded that there has been a rise in vehicle crime.

Among the trends noticed by West Midlands Police are:

  • Ford vehicles are in the main being targeted
  • Most thefts happen after 8pm
  • Tools are being stolen from vans
  • Cars are being stolen for parts because of the national shortage of car parts
  • Most crimes are keyless thefts. Which means the key’s frequency is scanned, copied and used to unlock the vehicle

Stefanie Sadler, Police, Engagement & Consultation officer, Birmingham Partnerships, says concerned residents in Sutton and across the West Midlands are now advised to take precautions which include:

  • Keeping cars parked in well-lit areas or secure car parks – especially in the evening
  • Keeping your keyless fob in a faraday bag so the frequency cannot be hacked
  • Removing all valuables from the vehicle when parked. This includes tools
  • There’s lots of vehicle security solutions that are available including steering wheel locks or immobilisers

Police say they know they cannot respond to all individual thefts. However we desperately need information that could help to stop this rising trend. If you see or know anything please visit our website and speak to us on Live Chat, call 101 or Crimestopperson 0800 555 111.

 Taking a motor vehicle belonging to someone else without the owner’s consent or without lawful authority is illegal. A motor vehicle is legally defined as ‘a mechanically propelled vehicle made, intended or adapted for use on roads’.

If the suspect who steals the car drives in a dangerous manner, or is involved in a collision that injures someone else, damages the car or other property then they could face charges of aggravated vehicle taking.

If a suspect takes a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission then this may be an offence known as Taking Without Owner’s Consent (TWOC).

For information, visit:

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