Food ruined as refrigeration fails

The Tesco Express store on Walsall Road

Sutton Coldfield store counts cost of waste

The heatwave may be over in Sutton Coldfield, for the time being, but one store in the area really felt the heat.

Tesco Express on Walsall Road in Four Oaks suffered a catastrophe with its stock when the refrigerators failed overnight during the hottest evening on record.

Hundreds of pounds worth of chilled and frozen stock was ruined as the cooling system failed during the intense heat.

Despte some of the food probably being usable, bosses decided it had to be binned.

It was just one of many stores in the area that suffered similar problems as the extreme heat took its toll.

There were reports of similar problems across the country.

One member of staff said:”It’s a tragedy that all this good food is going to waste.”

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