Grief charity awarded vital funding

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust headquarters

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust supports access to specialist services

Lucy Cole’s charity is now able to offer free support

A Sutton Coldfield grief charity has received vital funding to allow more people to access essential services 

Love Life Again, a private clinic that has developed coaching programmes targeted towards helping adults and children overcome grief and trauma, has given over 30 individuals free access to the private services thanks to a £26,000 grant from Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust.  

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust (SCCT) exists to enhance the quality of life for individuals in Sutton Coldfield, but the trauma attached to grief is something that is felt globally.  

The Trust’s grant went towards funding for individuals receiving benefits or low-income households that would benefit from the 7-15 grief recovery group programmes but didn’t have access to the funds to afford them. 

According to the UK Commission on Bereavement, millions of people across the UK faced bereavement in 2020, with hundreds of thousands more bereaved than in previous years because of Covid-19, making access to grief clinics such as Love Life Again more vital than ever. 

Lucy Cole, fully qualified Grief Recovery Specialist, Trainer in & Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Trainer & Hypnosis Practitioner, Timeline Therapist, Personal Evolutionary, Health & Emotional Coach who solely runs Love Life Again, said:   “The grant from Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust came at a perfect time for the service users at my clinic. I had a huge waiting list as well as people who wouldn’t have been able to afford the private clinic without funding.  

“I want to say thank you to the Trust for having such a significant impact on the community and giving people a place to come and talk about their feelings and emotions surrounding grief. They’ve given those individuals a lifeline and changed their lives for the better. 

“There’s not many people in the local area doing what I’m doing, so there’s a really high demand – I’m looking to take on two new employees after Easter to help me keep up.” 

Lucy opened the clinic after experiencing first hand her and her family’s battle with grief, after having to pull herself and her daughter out of some dark places, which is what encouraged her to start up the clinic.  

She is doing lots of work with local schools in the area, where she delivers workshops that students can also get referred to her.  

For further information about Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust and how to apply for grants, please visit:

To find out more information on the services that Love Life Again provides, please visit: or to read Lucy’s book about building confidence in children 7-11 years old, visit:  

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