Unique new venture for fitness fans

Gary Smith is heading up operations at Built Unique Co as managing director

‘Boutique’ gym to open in Sutton Coldfield

A Sutton Coldfield business consortium has hailed a ‘new era’ for fitness lovers in the town after investing almost £250,000 in an innovative new concept.

Built Unique Co is set to open on the former Birmingham Road Blockbuster Video site by the end of November and will be the new home of functional fitness and bodybuilding for the Greater Birmingham area.

Functional fitness means doing movements that mimic everyday actions, engaging multiple muscle groups at the same time. The activity builds strength, stability, and mobility across the whole body, supporting comfortable living both inside and outside the gym environment. 

The boutique gym is the evolution of the CrossFit B76 concept, with ex-partner Gary Smith, heading up operations at Built Unique Co as managing director.

Gary said “I have always had a passion for fitness and in particular functional fitness – it’s how I met many of Built Unique Co’s investors. We’ve always talked about opening a gym and with Sutton Coldfield’s vibrancy and ‘being on the up’, it felt like the perfect town to trial our ‘high street gym’ concept.

“Everyone knows how challenging the high street environment currently is, but we are excited to play a role in driving footfall back to the town center.

With a career spanning over 15 years in the fitness industry, MD Gary has first hand seen the benefits that fitness can bring to the lives of many.

“In addition to supporting people with their fitness and health, it’s great to be bringing jobs to the area. We have already employed six people and we are still on the lookout for other roles such as front of house. We are also keen to speak to personal trainers looking for space to hire out and who essentially want to run their own fitness business.

“Whilst the gym is situated in Sutton Coldfield, we know the calibre of our staff and the programme we are offering will attract function fitness fanatics far and wide.

“We are hoping to gain fame as the home of small classes with a PT focus, as well as making a big impact on the local community. We are keen to help as many people as possible, which is why we will be offering opportunities for schools, clubs, and families to get involved.

“We shall also be running mentoring programs and ensuring that we provide facilities for people with disabilities. Many people think the Co stands for company, but it actually stands for community.

In addition to people benefiting physically from the new gym, Built Unique Co is keen that other businesses benefit from the new venture and really believes this could be a new era for people looking for a gym membership.

“We are also looking to partner with local suppliers and businesses to create a real hub of mutual benefits that are exciting for our members and provide opportunities for people in the area to come to together.”

Built Unique Co is set to offer many different membership options including trial months and a limited number of Founding Memberships. For anyone interested in joining Built Unique Co and the membership packages should registered their interest at https://www.builtuniqueco.com/. For all other enquiries, please email Gary on gary@builtunique.co.uk.

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