Charity marks name change


Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust awards grants to local organisations and individuals to alleviate hardship and has recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its name change from ‘Sutton Coldfield Municipal Charities’ to ‘Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust’.

The name change appropriately reflected the purpose of the organisation within the town, as an independent charity.
This anniversary represents a key milestone for the Trust and has allowed the opportunity for the organisation to reflect on some significant achievements over the past decade, including awarding £11.8 million in grants, 971 grant applications from individuals and organisations and 3,100 applications for school clothing grants.

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust’s grants have supported key projects that include schools, community organisations, sports clubs and faiths. Some of the organisations that the Trust has funded over the past
decade include, ‘Home Start’, ‘Stepping Stones’, ‘Spitfire Advice and Support Services’ and ‘Speight of the Arts’.

Ray Goodwin, Chief Executive at Spitfire Advice and Support Services, commented: “The Trust has previously financially supported our ‘Money and Advice Service Centre’, and the continuation of this grant allowed us to implement this service to the local community as a long-term programme. With a total grant of £34,000, we have been able to provide free and confidential advice to over 174 disadvantaged families to help them achieve their full potential.”

Since the Trust’s Almshouses were built in the 1800s, the Trust has prioritised maintaining the current forty-six properties to the highest standard; over the past decade, the charitable trust spent over £1m on refurbishing the properties which continue to be maintained and improved to a high standard.

Tina Swani

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust continues to support individuals and organisations in the local area to enhance the quality of life for all in the Royal Town. This is vital during the current cost-of-living crisis. Today,
the Trust’s assets include 1,000 acres of land, many commercial properties and financial investments, which
provide an income to help alleviate hardship for those in the borough of Sutton Coldfield.

Richard Beard, Chief Executive at The Jericho Foundation, added: “Being granted two special awards by the Trust has been significant to the development of our modern apprenticeship scheme. The grants have allowed us to support over 64 young individuals in kick-starting their career.”

Tina Swani, Chief Executive at Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, said: “We are delighted to announce the 10- year anniversary of the Trust’s name change and to be able to reflect on some of the many significant grants that we have awarded to organisations and individuals over the past decade.

“We hope that over the next decade, Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust’s grants will continue to create a positive impact and help to alleviate hardship for those in the local area, particularly during the current cost of living crisis.”

10 years of giving

2012 – The name of the Trust was changed to ‘Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust’

2014 – A Special Award of £670,000 was made to the Sutton Coldfield YMCA by the Trust.

2016 – Nearly £1.2m in grants plus a Special Award of £200,000 was made to the Good Hope Hospital.

2018 – A total of £1.36m was made in grants, including a Special Award of £297,252 to the Jericho Foundation.

2020 – Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trust awarded over £1.2m in grants and made another award to the Jericho Foundation, totalling to a £339,636 grant over three years.

2021 – The Trust celebrated the 75-year anniversary of the Almshouse Association and helped 737 children with uniform grants throughout the year.

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